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Construction machinery industry four trends
Auther: Pubdate:2017-12-26
For users in the construction machinery industry, fuel cost accounts for a large proportion in the whole machinery use cost. Therefore, reducing fuel consumption from the four aspects of technology, operation, engine and system is crucial for users to reduce costs and realize green development.
Trend 1
The producer is also the trainer
Fuel efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction
When it comes to large machinery, it is necessary to mention fuel consumption. If enterprises have made too much fuss over the development of fuel-saving products before, how to save fuel in the operation of machinery may be the focus that should be paid close attention to in the future when products are becoming more and more homogeneous. The transformation from product provider to overall solution and user experience provider will be the key for enterprises to win the market in the future.
Richard Millin, vice President of sales support for Volvo Construction Equipment Investment (China) Co., LTD., shared the enterprise's fuel-efficient strategy with delegates at the forum from four aspects: technology, operation, engine and system. In terms of operation, Volvo construction equipment helps operators realize that operation habits will have a great impact on the fuel efficiency of construction equipment through green fuel saving, operation training and remote machine information system. Volvo Construction Equipment will send its most experienced operators and trainers to the company for course training during the course of setting up green and fuel-saving operators. Some operators have even been trained to reduce fuel consumption by 20 to 25 percent. Overall, the trained companies were able to reduce fuel consumption by an average of 5% without affecting productivity, saving costs and reducing emissions by around 500 tonnes of CARBON dioxide.
The Internet of things of construction machinery realizes remote monitoring of machinery and ensures the safety of assets of leased equipment. At the same time, with the help of information platform, to help customers to process data, effectively improve the level of management.
Trend 2
Gold mine to be mined
The Internet of Things has effectively improved management
It's hard to relate the Internet of Things to big machines without thinking about it. However, such a large network can track and locate the use of mechanical equipment in real time, and if the renter refuses to pay the rental fee, the Internet of Things service provider will lock the car remotely.
In fact, this is just a trial run for the Internet of Things in financial leasing of mechanical equipment. Zhou Xiang, product director of Industry Co., LTD., introduced the trend of Internet of Things and the application of construction machinery in the forum. He likens the use of the Internet of Things in machinery to a gold mine waiting to be discovered. He believes that the construction machinery Internet of Things mainly provides two types of services. One is the construction machinery Internet of Things to remote control machinery to ensure the safety of assets. The second purpose is data transmission, which is one of the ultimate goals of the Internet of Things. In the future, attention should be paid to building the Internet of Things architecture platform to shift the service target to the backward market, such as reducing the service cost of the main engine factory through big data, improving customer satisfaction, ensuring the timely arrival of after-sales service, helping end users increase revenue and reduce expenditure, ensuring production safety, and improving the profit margin of the enterprise.
Based on the goal of weight reduction, construction machinery enterprises focus on developing lightweight design tools, gradually overcome the problems of high material consumption and high energy consumption, and improve the industry's advanced manufacturing level and product market competitiveness.
Trend 3
The big guys need to slim down, save material and reduce consumption
Mechanical science research institute of advanced manufacturing technology research center, deputy director of the Zhou Yongsong speech on BBS, at present, our country typical loaders, excavators, cranes, forklifts and other construction machinery bloated structure, energy consumption higher technical deficiencies, based on the weight loss goals, to carry out the strength and service life design technology such as spare parts and the whole machine and application research, the development of lightweight design tools, master the complete set of mature lightweight design technology, can be gradually overcome the material cost is high, the use of higher energy consumption shortcomings, enhance the level of advanced manufacturing industry and product market competition ability.
The big body wants thin body, to construction machinery industry character, this is a conscious move undoubtedly. Behind self-awareness is the need for industry transformation and upgrading, as well as the interests of enterprises for saving power consumption, saving manufacturing material consumption, controlling costs and realizing product upgrading. According to Zhou Yongsong's monitoring data of a lightweight construction machinery product, compared with the original product processing and manufacturing, each lightweight product can save 1250 kilograms of steel, and each machine can save 1.074 kilograms of fuel per hour under the same load. The effect of saving material and oil is obvious.
The lightweight path given by Zhou Yongsong is structure lightweight, material lightweight and process lightweight. At the same time, he pointed out that green and intelligent is the key direction of the future development of machinery and equipment manufacturing. It is of great significance for the industrial transformation and upgrading to develop new energy-saving products and improve the reliability and safety of products by taking the lightweight construction machinery as the entry point. In the future, research based on new material application and cost control will become the key direction of lightweight construction machinery.
The application of intelligent manufacturing technology can not only guarantee the stability of product quality, improve labor production efficiency, improve workers' working conditions and labor intensity, but also accelerate the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, get rid of the homogenized competition of products, and enhance the brand value of products.
Trend 4
Change of production mode intelligent production awakening
On the BBS, xugong group vice general manager, scraper machinery Ma Zhu painted a intelligent era for the participants picture: in the construction machinery industry, the use of intelligent manufacturing technology can not only ensure the stability of product quality, improve labor productivity, improve working conditions and labor intensity of workers, also can accelerate the upgrading of enterprise transformation, get rid of the homogeneity of the product competition, improve product brand value. The purpose of intelligent manufacturing system is to realize information integration of multiple systems and effective organization and management of production, and to realize data informatization, intelligent management and control automation. Through the comprehensive integration of information technology, manufacturing technology, organizational form and labor behavior, the comprehensive ability and level of manufacturing system can be improved. The construction of intelligent manufacturing system realizes the integration of design, process, manufacturing and management, and finally builds the intelligent enterprise.
Learned, with China's construction machinery industry by the transformation and upgrading of the big teams, and on the basis of automation, digital intelligent manufacturing has gradually been attention and application of domestic construction machinery industry, some companies began to a lot of the introduction of automated production equipment, technology, send a message to industry: the concept of intelligent manufacturing approach to production is awakening, and enter into rising channel, some companies have begun to seek to find new ways of development in the intelligent manufacturing.
Intelligent manufacturing is the goal of "Made in China" efforts. China is a major manufacturing country. With the changes of domestic and foreign markets and the rising labor costs, the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry is imminent. It is urgent to discuss the application and action of intelligent manufacturing technology in this field.