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 R&D strength
Shanxi Huaen Industrial Co. There are more than 100 engineering and technical personnel, more than 80% of them have college degree or above, and have accumulated many years of design and development experience. The technology center consists of Casting Research Center, technology development center and mechanical design and development center, which integrates design and R & D. At present, the company's technical center uses ProCAST for casting simulation analysis, uses Pro / E, UG, Cimatron and other three-dimensional software for mold design and production, and uses AutoCAD, CAXA and other software for product process design and development. Through networking with the company's CNC machining center, the product development cycle is greatly shortened, and electronic data exchange can be realized with customers It can rapidly develop all kinds of castings for customers and provide corresponding machining ability.
Technicians use all kinds of software to develop some products