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Sanitation machinery will become a sunrise industry
Auther: Pubdate:2019-10-01
At present, with the upgrading of urban management and environmental sanitation, as well as the introduction of the national New Deal on the huge demand for sanitation machinery, so that including garbage trucks, muck suction vehicles, mud suction vehicles, road sweeper, sprinkler and other sanitation machinery is expected to become a sunrise industry.
Of the State Council general office issued by the five-year national urban living garbage disposal facilities construction planning requirements promote living garbage compression closed to collect transport processes, promote the closed collector, elimination of open operation, reduce avoid garbage collecting the secondary pollution in the process of operation, large and medium-sized cities to realize closed during the "twelfth five-year" all closed operation.
In this trend, the new model of sanitation integration will emerge. The integration of sanitation includes the integration of urban and rural sanitation and the integration of garbage cleaning, transportation, recycling, disposal and utilization. The integration of urban and rural environmental protection means that urban and rural environmental protection work is given equal importance. Through unified planning and arrangements, we will achieve full coverage of urban and rural environmental governance and build a new pattern of urban and rural environmental governance. Garbage cleaning, transport, recycling, disposal and utilization of integration, refers to the specific region transfer, recycling and disposal of trash cleaning items, to the enterprise is responsible for the new model, which make market-oriented operation with the truly changed, make the enterprise and the government to reduce government spending, keeping the useful resources, more effective recycle and reuse, thus promote the development of circular economy.